Why You Will Regret Ever Letting Her Go.

This one’s for you fellows out there. The guys who had the perfect girl, and for some stupid reason decided to let her go.

Let me guess, “The timing isn’t right”, “You’re not in a good position in life to commit to someone else”, or “You’re trying to focus on your career right now”.

Oh you silly silly boy.

Here’s the thing. Relationships rarely happen at the right moment in our lives. There are theories out there that believe you’ll find the right person at a time when you’re not looking for love. Mrs. Right is not going to show up at your doorstep when you’re sitting around waiting for her. Good things never come to us at an ideal moment. They come to us when we are least expecting them, adding to the madness of it all. She is most likely going to burst into your life at a point when it is full-blown chaos. I honestly couldn’t give you an explanation for why this is; it’s just how this world works.

So yes, the timing probably isn’t ideal and it’s likely that you truly are not ready for a relationship. Oh, and congrats on that job promotion.

Letting go of “the one” just because of imperfect circumstances is just plain foolish. Stop with the excuses and fight for your woman.

Face it; a girl who is worth it all will not sit around waiting forever. Girls worth having are hard to catch, let alone keep.

If not, she is going to move on and find someone else, a guy who will actually fight for her. He will be able to give her everything that you should have. I’m confident in saying that in that moment when you see her with someone else, you’ll realize the magnitude of your mistake. You’ll kick yourself and wish you had fought for her.

Speaking from the girl’s perspective, all we want is for you to want us back. Prove that we are worth fighting for. Fight for us, instead of with us. Sadly, so many girls in this world already feel unloved and unwanted. Giving up on her will only make her feel more undesirable. Quit adding fuel to this fire.

Please, stop with the excuses and bullshit. In the end, you are only hurting yourself. So get up, stand for something worth battling for. Don’t let her go, because the only person left with remorse will be you. Not only should you do this for her, do it for yourself.

Because, who wants to live a life full or heartbreak and regret?


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