If You Hate The Way Guys Treat You, Maybe It’s Also Your Fault

Ladies, hear me out for just a second. Before you get all offended and defensive, listen to what I’m about to say. Take it for what it is.

I’m right there with you when it comes to hating men and blaming them for all of our failed relationships. It’s actually quite disgusting how horrible men of our generation treat us. Their disrespect and rudeness has honestly gotten out of hand.

But it’s time to face the facts. Accept that women are part of the problem.

We sit around and complain about how awfully men treat us. We spend hours venting to our friends about how horrible their words and actions are, and how those two never seem to match up.

But get this: What if we are also partially to blame? What if we are half the problem?

If you think about it, we are the ones who let them treat us like complete shit. In reality, men are only treating us this why because we allow them to.

As women, we are known for trying to fix everything. We make excuse for men, even though they don’t deserve them at all. We overanalyze everything. More often than not, we’re the ones who end up feeling guilty about our failed relationships.

Could you imagine what would happen if we started to stand up for ourselves, and if we stopped accepting their excuses? Even more importantly, stopped defending them.

Not only do we believe their awful lies, but we tend to support them. Why do we put ourselves in so much pain and agony for one stupid guy?

We do this all in an effort to try and convince ourselves, and others, that he actually does like us. We seem to always want what we can’t have.

The truth hurts, but face it: He probably doesn’t like you very much. I know it sucks and that’s not what you want to hear. But more often than not, it’s the truth.

It all goes back to the concept of “he’s just not that into you.”

Instead of moping around because said assh*le doesn’t like you, why not try to find a nice guy who does instead? Yes, darling. It’s that simple!

We need to stop spending time and energy on guys who are clearly only hurting us. Dump the loser, move on, and go find someone who treats you how you deserve. Maybe if we put our feet down and stand up for ourselves, these guys will learn their lesson.

It’s bad enough that they are behaving this way, but it’s even worse that we are allowing it. I’m honestly so sick and tired of guys treating me like sh*t, and even more fed up watching it also happen to my friends.

What makes guys think that they can treat us this way? Oh wait, apparently we do. By allowing these behaviors to continue, we’re only adding fuel to the fire.

Single life isn’t all fun and games. Trust me, I know it can get lonely at times. But isn’t it better to be alone then to be with someone who treats you like garbage?

Life is hard enough, and there is no need to keep people around who make it even harder. If someone is only subtracting from your life, maybe it’s time to say goodbye. Go find someone who adds to your life, and who makes you feel like the princess you are.

Find a man who isn’t afraid to treat you right. Be with someone who makes you a better person.

I realize that my vision of all of us women coming together, and putting an end of all of this is just a dream. But my goodness, enough is enough.

Stop letting people treat you like sh*t. It’s time to do this for yourself.

Let’s be honest, I doubt these guys will ever learn their lesson. Boys will always be boys.But a girl can dream, hey?


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