The Real Reason We Travel, In Search Of Having ‘No F*cks’

We were sailing through the calm blue waters of the Whitsundays Islands in Australia, warm sun on our skin and cold ciders in our hands. Every so often, a cool breeze would pass over us, blowing our hair into its’ direction. A blissful silence surrounded us, while the steady rocking of the boat soothed us.

Suddenly, the cute English boy sitting next to me jumped to his feet. It was as if he just remembered something extremely important. He dashed towards the front of the boat and perched himself out over the edge. He curled his finger over, and then brought his circular shaped hands together. Creating what looked like a pair of binoculars. He then proceeded to press his face towards them, as if he was actually looking through out at the horizon.

“No f*cks” he proclaimed in his sexy accent. “I see no f*cks ahead,” he reassured us.

I couldn’t help but laugh. Partially, because he looked like he was reenacting a scene from the Titanic. Looking out for dangerous icebergs that potentially existed before us. But I was mostly laughing, because he was right. At that exact moment we had no f*cks.

Zero f*cks were given that day. Not even one.

For the remainder of my travels, I carried that moment around with me. I was living life to the fullest, while having no cares. The image of him assuring us that we were clear of bumping into any f*cks would replay in my head. I let this memory push me to appreciate my travels to the fullest capability.

I created his words into my new mantra: “Today, I will give zero f*cks.” I would remind myself every morning. Prospering to keep true to my new life motto.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. We all travel for different reasons. Some are running away, while others are searching for something more meaningful. Some travel to find love, while others are looking for lust. Some go at it alone, while other travel together. Some of us travel to see, while others of us travel to do. We each travel for a specific purpose searching for different things.

But there is one underlying theme present in each of our journeys. We travel so we can be free. We travel so we can have-you guessed it- no f*cks.

Every person out on the road has his or her own story. Most travelers have a unique past that has leads them to the place they are now. No two travelers have the same agenda. We are all dancing to the beat of our own lives. Searching for a place we can call home.

That is the best way to travel, with no f*cks. No plans. No expectations. No responsibilities.

We go with the flow of life. Letting the road take us to where we belong. Moving in the direction the wind carries us. Not having a plan is the best plan to have. Traveling without any restrictions allows us to have the spontaneously that we crave. We wander blindly, taking everything as it comes. We find ourselves out in the land of uncertainty. Completely lost, but in a good way. Without any direction or prospect of where me might end up.

We learn to how to let go of power and authority. Realizing that most things in our lives are uncontrollable. So, we learn to take things as they approach us. Handle problems as they arise. We discover how to relax and be carefree.

We won’t let anyone or anything stand in our way. We are given the opportunity to be able to create ourselves into whomever we want, while not having to pretend to be anything we aren’t. Traveling allows us to be the rawest form of ourselves.

We are reckless. Stomping around the world acting like we own the place. Doing whatever we want. Taking the most out of life. We are selfish. Leaving behind a life of responsibilities and people who rely on us. We are jobless. Spending what little money we have left on plane tickets and goon. We are homeless. Sleeping wherever we can get a spare moment to rest.

And the best part of it all; We don’t f*cking care.

With every boarder we cross and every stamp we collect, our perspective of the world increases. Every person we met helps shape our new character. With every interaction, we morph into the person we were put on this earth to be.

We are young enough to know better. Old enough to not give a shit.

I will never forget that moment. The rocking of the boat as we slowly made our way, intertwining around the islands. The sun beaming down upon us, turning our skin tones one shade darker. The taste of the refreshing cider as it touched my lips. The wind blowing through, reminding us what it feels like to be alive.

But above all, the feeling of have no f*cking f*cks.




  1. Howe On Earth · June 20, 2016

    A friend shared this onto my timeline! I just absolutely love it! It’s my motto for my entire life! Well done girl!


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