To The Girl He Chose Over Me

We’ve never met, and probably never will. I’m not even sure if you know who I even am. Honestly, I secretly hope you don’t. But we have something in common.

We both love the same man.

Well, we use too. I can no longer say that I fully do anymore. I use to love him. I guess a part of me still does, and always will. But the reality of the situation is he chose you over me.

Before I can let him become completely yours, I need you to know this.

I need you to know what I would have given him. What you must give him now. I need you to know how I wanted him to be my everything. How he must become your everything now. I need you to know how much I loved him. How much you must love him now.

I hope you treat him right and love him as much as I once did. Put him first. Take care of him in the way he deserves. Treat him better than I was ever able to.

Help him to become the greatest version of himself. Always believe in him, especially when he can’t find the strength to do so himself. Support all his goals. Support all his dreams. Please, never stand in his way. Never hold him back.

Make sure he is always happy, even if you must put his needs before your own.
Be patient with him as he opens up his heart to you. Be kind to him. Be open with him. Treat him with kindness. Treat him with respect.

Laugh at his jokes, even if they are not funny. Love him even when he is not very lovable.

Forgive him. Forgive him for his past. Forgive him for his flaws. Forgive him no matter what. Forgive him, even if he does not deserve forgiveness.
Kiss his forehead. Kiss him every morning and night. Kiss him every chance you get. Make sure he feels loved every second of every day.

Give him the truest, realest form of love. The type of love he truly deserves. The type of love he has been searching for his entire existence.

Love him in a way he never thought possible. Love him without any hesitations. Love him with every fiber of your being. Love him like anyone, including me, has ever loved him before.
Love his family as if they were you own. Same goes for his friends. Immerse yourself into his entire world. Become his other half, his better half. Complete him in a way that I wish that I could.

You are truly one of the luckiest girls in the world. You found yourself one of the good ones. Hold on to him as long as he will allow you. Never let him go. Fight like hell to make sure he will always be yours. Be the type of girl he has always needed. In the end, I hope that you can give him everything I apparently wasn’t able to.

If he fully gives you his heart, promise me you won’t break it?

Promise me you will love him to the best of you abilities. Promise me you will never hurt him. Promise me you will never leave him.

I hope that he treats you better. Better than he treated me towards the end. Better than you think you might warrant. I hope he will be able to give you a life that you have always imagined. That he gives you everything you have ever wanted. Knowing him, I have faith he will.

I guess what I’m trying to say with all of this is; Love him like I would, if he had given me the chance.


To My Future Husband

This is for you my love,

I wish that I could personally address this to you, but I have yet to learn your name. What is taking you so long? Will you come out from hiding?

Somehow it seems like everyone else has found their happily ever after, while I’m sitting around waiting for you. I understand that our time apart will only help create a better relationship for us later on. I realize that we need to figure out our own lives before we can start one together. Day by day, I get one step closer to seeing you. My goodness, I cannot wait until the day we finally get to meet. Everyday that passes, is one day closer until I get to know you.

I miss you so much. I’m not sure how it is possible to miss someone who you have never met, but I somehow do. Every morning I roll over to see your spot in my bed and life still empty. I feel your void in every aspect of my life.

I think about you often. Who you are and what you are like. Wondering where you are and what you’re doing. Hoping that you thinking about me too.

Be patient with me. Unfortunately it hasn’t been an easy ride trying to find you. I’ve had unimaginable tragedies happen on my path to finding who you are. I hope that you will be able to forgive my past and I will not hold yours against you either. Together, we will become better version of our already established selves.

My brokenness might make it harder for me to let you in. I promise not to let the actions of other guys get in the way of us. I hope that you will be understanding with me as I learn to trust again. Things might be difficult at first, but once we get there, it will be worthwhile.

I hope that we can finally be together, and then both of our worlds will be complete. I will do my best to keep you happy as long as you promise to do the same for me.

Cannot wait to learn your name, and hear my name fall off from your beautiful mouth. I crave the touch of your lips, even though I don’t know what they taste like. Long nights spent with each other, loving or fighting. It doesn’t matter to me, as long as we are together.

I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with you.

Darling, I don’t need much from you. A big house and a fancy car do not worry to me. As long as you love and treat me right, that is all that matters. We truly won’t need much, except for each other. Having one another is more than enough for me. I know that life might get in the way and we will go through some rough patches together. Promise me you will be patient with me, and I will reciprocate the favor.

Even though your eyes haven’t met me yet, I still miss the way you look at me. They have felt sadness before me, but I promise to not bring them anymore. Pain is one thing I will never purposely give you.

You, my love, are the greatest thing that will ever happen to me. Your presence is missed in my life. I’ve spent my whole life searching for a place to call home, and I know that your arms will take me there.

In a way, I’m glad we haven’t met. If I’m being honest, I don’t think I am ready for you just yet. You deserve the best version of me. Until the day we met, I will be working on this for you. Our time apart is helping us grow into people who are meant for one another.

Oh darling, I will continue waiting patiently, but please hurry yourself up. You shouldn’t keep a girl waiting forever.

I miss you and await the day when we can finally start our lives together. Because that my love, will be the greatest day of our lives.


The Love of Your Life

This Is How You Can Find The Strength To Cut Toxic People From Your Life

It’s confession time: I’ve got a destructive habit and it’s starting to get the best of me. I hold on and cling to people who don’t deserve to stay in my life. Recently, it’s gotten a bit out of hand. I think it might be time for an intervention.Since I can remember, I’ve never been one to gracefully let go of people. Gripping on to them until there is nothing left to even be holding on too. I give others more chances then they deserve. Letting them steal more than they should ever be allowed to take. Trying over and over again, only to get hurt over and over. Giving and giving, to only have more removed away from me.

I wish I knew why I keep putting myself through this. You would think after all this time I would have learned my lesson. But I guess not.

Maybe it’s because I expect too much from others. Creating unrealistic expectations, which only leading me straight to disappointment. It’s possibly because I’ve never been one to intentionally hurt others. I know what it feels like to completely be destroyed by another. I promised myself a long time ago I’d never put anyone else through that much pain and agony. I allow others linger in my life because I’m too scared of hurting them during the process of letting them go.

Who knows why I keep doing this to myself. But in the end, it’s beside the point. The important thing is what I’m doing about it all. That’s one question I do have a brilliant answer for: nothing.

Why do we keep putting ourselves in so much pain in agony over one person? We give and give, only to be disappointed in the end. What is the point of holding on to someone who is not 100 percent there? We are better than this. We can do much better than this.

Alright babies, here we go. It’s time for me to start taking my own advice. I sit here behind this computer screen telling you to cut out the negative people in your life. Giving you guidance on how to finally move on from another. I share all this advice, and then don’t even take any of it myself. It’s not fair to you, and it sure as heck isn’t fair to me.

So lets do this together. I, (enter name here), vow to stop permitting people who treat me wrong to be apart of my life anymore.

I want to do this together, you and me. It’s time for us to stand up for ourselves. Stop letting people consistently take and take from us. There is no need of us to go at this alone. By each other’s side, we can finally cut out the ones who are hurting our hearts and souls.

It’s our time to take a stance. Say the things were too afraid to say. Do the things our gut has been trying to get us to do for ages now. Delete the messages that need to be erased. Stop replying to the people who only deserve silence. Ultimately, we need to move on from the people who have no place in our lives anymore.

I’ll believe in you, if you promise to believe in me. Let’s give each other the strength we have both been struggling to find. Help one another do the things we know will improve our lives.

We both know this is the right thing to do, but for some reason we can’t find the strength to take that first step. Not everyone is meant to stay in our lives forever. We must let them teach us what they are meant too, and then keep on moving on our own path. Perhaps we will bump into them somewhere down the road. Or maybe we won’t. But for now, we both know what needs to be done. Let’s cut those strings and finally set ourselves free. Time to put down all that extra weight. We no longer need to carry it around with us.

So what do you say? I’ll jump, but only if you jump with me. Take my hand, and let’s end this dependency together. Time to free our hearts and souls.

Do what is best for ourselves, without worrying about others. It’s about time you and I finally put ourselves first.

Everything You Want To Say To The Guy Who Wants You Back

Oh my love. You want me back? Now, after all this time? How cute of you. And by cute, I really mean how nauseating.

So you’re telling me you want me to come back to you? Let me think about that one for a second.

How about…um…no.

I would just leave it at that, but looks like I’ve got 572 more words to go. Sweetie, we all knew this day would come: You crawling back and begging me to be yours again. Using your smooth words to try and get me back into your arms. Forgive me for being surprised, but you’re just a little sooner that we were expecting. Wow, how unlike you to actually be early for something.

Enlighten me darling, was she not everything you were expecting? Did she not treat you like I use too? Give you everything I knew you needed? Did she not make you her everything like I did? Oh baby, I could have told you that months ago. How does it feel realizing your ‘upgrade’ was actually a demotion? Condolences for that bruised ego of yours.

Or was it you she didn’t want? Did she finally come to her senses? Stop believing all your empty promises and cheeky lies? I’m sure you guaranteed her everything you did to me. Was it her who left you? Causing you to run back to the person who you knew would never leave you? Well the person you thought never would.

There, there snookums. It’s OK. We all already knew this day would come. Guessing it wasn’t going to last between the two of you. We predicted you coming back to me once she was gone. Sorry it took so long for you to realize it too.

You use to be everything I ever wanted. Back then, I would have done whatever it took to make you sure you were mine. I would have done anything to make you happy. Fought for you until the very end. It appears that girl is long-gone. Resting in her peaceful grave. Sorry for your loss.

Once upon a time, I’d come running back to you. But looks like that hourglass has run out of sand. Those glass slippers were giving me too many blisters. And turns out, you are no Prince Charming after all. My time is not yours to waste anymore. My life isn’t yours to be apart of either. Frankly, I’m not yours for the having anymore.

Don’t you find this all a bit ironic? I wanted you when you didn’t seem to appreciate me. Now you want me, and I can’t say I feel the same. Seems like we always desire the things we can’t have in this world. We never realize the value of someone until they are no longer ours. How does it feel to want someone who doesn’t return the favor? Looks like the tables have been turned. Hope you enjoy eating alone.

I would say that I wish you the best, but unlike you, I’ve never been one to lie. If I could, I would tell you that I hope you have found contentment, but I’m done caring about your happiness. I wish I were mature enough to say I want nothing but the best for you, but clearly: I’m not.

But hey, thanks for the message babe. It was entertaining to hear from you after all this time. You always knew how to make me laugh. Maybe next time you should appreciate the good things you have before they are not yours for the having anymore. But one thing is for sure: ‘Next time’ sure as hell isn’t going to be with me.

Truly not yours anymore,

The best thing you’ll never get back.